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An Academy Award Winning Company

We’re the Academy Award-winning company with over 75 years of experience in the movie industry that you’ve never heard of. If you’ve been to a movie in the last 20 years, though, we’ve already met. M&D has been working for decades to improve the customer experience, you just didn’t know it was us.

Our Mission

Movie and Dinner provides the best eating and viewing experience on the planet. We will provide a full evening of entertainment second to none.

Our mission is to provide a superior level of service that matches the quality of our projection and the preparation of our Brut Gourmet menus in the auditoriums, restaurant proper and the Bar.

We invented the cup holder

Yeah – we’re the folks that brought you cup holders, stadium seating and the love seat. We’ve been innovating for others for decades and now we’ve decided it’s time to put it all together to offer the ultimate customer experience.

75+ years of experience

Our 75 years of experience in the movie industry has culminated in the best theatre presentation and culinary experience to have ever been designed.

The best cinema presentation.

Our menu, prices, and equipment have all been carefully selected to give our customers the very best experience and value in both food and cinema presentation.

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Come by and see the twist on Dinner and a Movie at Movie and Dinner. For media inquiries, please contact us.


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