Holiday Hiatus

Good Morning!

The Information below has the show dates removed.

One of the benefits of our unique building footprint at M&D is that we are big enough to show the blockbusters and small enough to run programs like “animondays” and our Director’s Series on Wednesdays. The Holiday Season puts a damper on these boutique series as we don’t have enough screens to show all the new stuff!

Fear Not, We will give you plenty of Notice and a Complete schedule before we relaunch Phase 2 of these programs, we are looking at Mid January to relaunch!

Mark Desmet

Earlier News: 

We hope you caught on when we did “Cowboy Bebop the Movie” that you have already been  watching the Anime to Real Life list while Netflix is casting and shooting  the Live Action version of Cowboy Bebop!

  •  Star Blazers 2199
  •  Space Battleship Yamato
  •  Kite Uncut
  •  Kite
  •  Gantz
  •  Gantz Zero
  •  Speed Racer
  •  Speed Racer
  •  Ghost in the Shell 1995 2.0 Version
  •  Ghost in the Shell
  •  Battle Angel Alita
  •  Alita: Battle Angel